utopian institute

a department of the galactic university

we are researching
a possibility

to developing
out of these billions
a humanity

where everyone is inspiring
to fulfilling himself

to then help every other
in our humanity

to fulfillment

and not this flight from reality
this destroying in anger

where in a hundred years
the end of all life
already achieved

we already know
that this glorified democracy
being a big problem

because you do not ask
a totally flabbergasted entity
their soul and character destroyed

what a disaster
he wants to have ! ?

but ask everyone publicly
what a solution he can imagine
what we can do in reality

to save our world
and have a humanity

what they all are

and no biological madness
no vanity ... no fata morgana

we as well know
that predators never
worthy of a human want to live

that they are humanity
only can harm

they all have to be first used
on then we have all this nourishment
for humanity

and then they no longer
protect their interests

and draw their energy from destruction
but not out of inspiration of humanity

and that is probably the biggest problem
to developing a human race

because as long
as all are just destroying
to survive

enslave others ... injure
all the insistence on consumption

endless harm
senseless ... harmful work

do not put forward any arguments
for a solution

no one can
even think about a humanity to happen

so ...

this being the problem we have here
we have to solve together

nobody can do that alone

now let us see
whether anyone can

understand what is the problem ?

what we have to do
to have a humanity
to having a future

it all being about
the total conviction
no longer any compromise

it is about
no more physical force
but only point out verbally
and the endless verbal resistance
against this dehumanization

which no one should tolerate
in every ones interest

no quackery
no entertainmant
no fata morgana

according to the law of this universe
any entity may use this creation for his fulfillment
for the fulfillment of his humanity

but never to destroying any environment
any human

this hierarchy of infinite liberation

of every responsibility ...

everybody understood
every consciousness ...
of course wisdom

 can in principle have no future
no human order

only this compulsion
to being a biological insanity
where there is no individuality
because everyone is united

in this one infinite liberation
from an individual can be
there ... yes ... this tyranny
such an idiot all dictate
that only the mass of insane
take over so it may be

from the ideal this power seizure
not any individuality to be
just this vanity

 being boundlessly enslaved
to losing your future

naturally every human dignity

for this reason
being every election
the beginning of a new tyranny

all these dodos ...

only have their mass
of guaranteed dying out population
because being out of their minds

since they are only supposed to show off
bragging about how stupid they have to be !

and should any one give them
offer them someone solutions
even a future

or to guarantee human rights
dignity for every human !

then they just say
they would only be on
their urge of their stupidity
this whole world to force upon

because they are too stupid
so they could be able at all
to talk about their stupidity

but just keeping their idiots existence
to impose on everyone until he is redeemed
getting ill ... freaking out >

so all dodos can say
" we knew it "

that we all
not in our stupid republic
capable of not competing
with our stupidity

just finish off
because we have no other choice
for everything else we are too stupid for

we have no interest
to get a world saved
even a humanity

so we do not have any arguments
no one offer except

" be the greatest idiot in the universe
and help us all still potentials
with a spark of mind
finish off "

" then we idiot dodos
never having to admit our stupidity
and that being our whole existence

all of our doings
our whole vanity ! "

" so ... now we are flying to chile
in the national park of patagonia

and enjoy the beauty
that we going to destroy

by using
this hell machine air plane
not out of necessity

because we could
take the outrigger sailboat
that we offered

so it is just about doing harm
that we radiate all the time

this bragging dodo existence
since this every human
must despair

and that being our only goal "

and any fool
should live high
have climate tilt rights
surgeon butcher rights
pharmaceutical drug poisoning

escape from any responsibility

no homo sapiens !

can there be on this world
because women definitely do not tolerate
she needs such a pampering paradise
where it is all about love
making !
and such an organized crime ?

competing with to be
a successful organized crime!

and whether there is a future possible
those darwinians could not care less

these are basing any decision on
what was successful

and that was no responsibility
no spark of wisdom

so no one can violate it
so > no homo sapiens !

only the homo habilis !
this capable planet destruction technology monkey
and all this darwinian probaganda
of this great success

of course the escape from any responsibility
so ... all these artificial sounds ...
artificial pictures

and re fueling and stepping on the gas

and flying may be
the quickest escape from reality
there is nothing that can flying
better in the flight from
gruesame reality

hence these captains of the air
the very first choice of women

and these surgeons
butchering humans alive
are also at the top

for getting married
because by them a woman
having no worries

that they do any thing other then

no homo sapiens !

just the dodo
who is guaranteed to die out ...

so ... what should we have to do ?

ofcource to educate all
to being homo sapiens !

what other alterative is there ???

a million x a million x a million sapiens ...

are understanding and valueing each other
for being endlessly fulfilled
through their wisdom

then this emphathy having a positive quality
for this whole universe

on the contrary ...
if 9 out of ten of this planetary population
are loving others for being ... anti ... sapiens
in fact an organized conspiracy

destroying all environment ... all humanity

and having no inclination it all
to becoming sapiens ...

since they are loved and cherished empathically
for helping their organized crime so well

then this being a catastrophe
as well as all those psychopaths
who are not loving those criminels
but just themselfs

so empathy having ...
just as tolerance and freedom
liberty ... no intrinsic quality

but it will always depend on who
this empathy is being brought toward

being tolerated
being liberated
being free from

if any one becoming free from any wisdom
as all those western democracies have done
then this being certainly

of no quality what so ever
and this being the reason

all those are not fulfilled as humans
rather being frustrated about being enslaved

becoming more and more frustrated
as time and age is making them aware
that some thing being terribly wrong here
but not being able to put their finger on

since the source of all this
having to be never publicly told

or they are being simply called cracy

being put in psychiatry
where the insane are in charge
so the only way for this universe being
to activate the galactic pest control

since there being no practical other way
to remove this pest for wasting

all environment
all humanity

just about a million true believers
will inherite this world after judgement day
just as the bible has been saying for so long

or do you have any other solution ?


galactic university

galactic central information